86 Staff is a hospitality-based job recruitment company that prides itself on honest, open, upfront communication between employers and freelancers.

Employers can use 86Staff to find the right person for their business, whether it’s a full-time, part-time or single shift position they need to fill. Freelancers can be rated on their previous work, making it quick and easy for potential employers to get an idea of who they’re hiring within a glance. This gives venues greater control of who they’re hiring with 86Staff charging a much lower rate for the service than other job agencies.

Freelancers can find work fast, create a portfolio, online media library (where they’re able to upload images of their food, cocktails and other work) and resume that can be easily updated and used to help them find future positions, building their working profile as they progress through their career. With the ratings and reviews system, freelancers are able to see how they can improve on certain areas of their work, giving them the best opportunity to shine in new positions. 86Staff doesn’t take a cut of freelancers’ payments any payment agreed is between the employer and the freelancers.

86 Staff founder Charlie Pickering started the company in 2018 with the sole purpose to create a job-seeking website for the hospitality industry that didn’t short change employers or freelancers. Charlie wanted to create a company that was friendly and transparent, and gave back to the sector in a meaningful way.

“I wanted to give back to the community that has raised me since I was 18, helped me travel the world and learn key life skills,” explains Charlie. “This is also reflected in the fact that 10% of all memberships are donated to charity Hospitality Action.”

86Staff’s core ethos lies in its heart, providing the sector with an ethical edge to the recruitment process. Asides from this process, Charlie wants to be able to offer tips and advice, inspiring video content and helpful content via 86Staff’s website and socials, becoming the beating heart of the hospitality community.